21st Michigan Volunteer Infantry 
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Regimental Headquarters & Staff
First Name Last Name Home Age Rank In Rank Out
John Avery Otisco   Assistant Surgeon Surgeon
Marcus W. Bates Paris 22 Corporal First Lieutenant
Charles E. Belknap Grand Rapids 18 Sergeant Captain
Loomis K. Bishop Cannonsburg 25 First Lieutenant Lieutenant Colonel
Gilbert H. Blaker Houghton   Assistant Surgeon Assistant Surgeon
Charles S. Brown Flint  18 Private Adjutant
Oscar H. Dean Ionia 25 Commissary Sergeant Commissary Sergeant
John W. Dye Ionia 22 Wagoner Quartermaster
Lewis W. Earl Ionia   Chaplain Chaplain
Martin P. Follett Fair Plains   Quartermaster Quartermaster
Benton D. Fox Lowell 25 First Lieutenant Major
Henry A. Goodale Flint    Assistant Surgeon Assistant Surgeon
Andrew Heyalauf Ionia 34 Sergeant Sergeant Major
Isaac Hunting Grand Haven   Major Major
Francis G. Lee Portland   Surgeon Surgeon
William B. McCreery Flint  24 Lieutenant Colonel Colonel
Allen B. Morse Ionia 22 Sergeant (16th Inf.) Adjutant
Charles R. Perry Lowell   Assistant Surgeon Assistant Surgeon
Theodore Pillsbury Hastings   Chaplain Chaplain
Newell J. Pratt Greenville   Sergeant Second Lieutenant
Arthur C. Prince Grand Rapids 32 Sergeant Bvt. Major
F. Henry Spencer Smyrna   Hospital Steward Hospital Steward
Horatio G. Steadman Thornapple 31 Sergeant Commissary Sergeant
Ambrose A. Stevens Ionia County 32 Colonel Bvt. Brig. General
Thomas G. Stevenson Ionia 20 Sergeant Major Captain
William B. Thomas Ionia     Surgeon Surgeon
Morris B. Wells Ionia 27 Adjutant Lieutenant Colonel
William L.
Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Colonel
Robert Wilson GrandRapids 19 Sergeant Major First Lieutenant
Gilbert T. D.
Quartermaster Sergeant
Quartermaster Sergeant