Company C
(The Hastings Guards)

Detailed Roster

Chance, Perry, Hastings. First Lt. 21st Inf., July 30, 1862. Resigned Jan. 17, 1863, and honorably discharged.

Crabb, William J . Enlisted 3 September 1862, Company C, 21st Inf. Wounded and Captured Dec. 31, 1862 at the Battle of Stone River, Tennessee. Paroled on 2 Jan 1863 Died of wounds 9 Feb 1863 in Nashville.

Fitzgerald, Leonard O., Hastings. Captain, 21st Inf., July 30, 1862. Died Jan. 8, 1863, of wounds received in action at Stone River, Tenon., Dec. 31, 1862.

Houghtalin, James, Hastings. Entered service July 22, 1862, as Sergeant Company C, 21st Inf. Second Lt., Jan 17, 1863. Resigned June 11, 1864, and honorably discharged.

Mesecar, Lewis, Campbelltown. [Mesecar page] Company C, 21st Inf.

Russell, Marion C., Hastings. Second Lt., 21st Inf., July 30, 1862. First Lt., Jan 17, 1863. Resigned as Second Lt., Feb. 25, 1863, and honorably discharged.

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