Company D, Detailed Roster

Canfield, Joseph H. [Photo] 1862-1865. Corporal in the 21st Michigan Infantry, Company D .

Blodgett, Alonzo, Otisco. Private21st Inf. March 11, 1864, he joined regiment at Chattanooga, Tennessee. He died on August 25, 1864 at the Hospital on Lookout Mountain Tennessee of chronic diarrhea. The personal effects he had at time of death were a hat, great coat, blouse, trousers, socks, two blankets, haversack, knapsack, clothing brush, silver ring, suspenders, and $10.65.

Ferris, Jacob, Ionia. Captain 21st Inf. July 30, 1862. Resigned Jan. 15, 1863, and honorably discharged.

Knight, James A., Greenville. Second Lt., 21st Inf., July 30, 1862. Resigned Feb. 13, 1863, and honorably discharged.

Perkins, Horace T., Muir. [photo] Entered service July 31, 1862, as Sergeant, Company D, 21st Inf. Second Lt. Feb. 13, 1863. Mustered out June 8, 1865, and honorably discharged.[photo of L-R Horace Perkins, 1st Lt. William H. Perkins, Co. E, 1st Regt., Mich. Vol. Eng. and Mech; Pvt. Lewis E. Perkins, Co. E, 3rd Regt., Mich. Vol. Inf.]

Roberts, James B., Ionia. First Lt. 21st Inf., July 30, 1862. Resigned April 6, 1863. Captain 10th Cav., July 25, 1863. Resigned Aug. 10, 1865, and honorably discharged.

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